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This section will be constantly updated whenever a new floor is introduced each month.

LEVEL 0: Living Quarters

The living quarters is where your character will be spending the rest of their time inside the Tower when they're not participating in the events. All amenities are provided for free and food will never run out. And there are surprises lurking in every corner to keep everyone on their toes.

Its interior looks just like a Roman household [except maybe the kitchen]. Ceilings are vaulted and painted with bright colors, supported by marble columns. Doors are made of heavy wood and are richly paneled and carved. Floors are covered with marble tiles and mirrors are hung on the wall. It's bright during the day but one could only wonder where the light is coming from, considering there are no windows anywhere. When nighttime comes though, the light dims to a soft glow.

There are five sections in the living quarters, the biggest being the bedroom.

The bedroom is a large circular hall located in the very center of the area. This is where your character will first wake up when they arrive in the Tower.

Unfortunately, the guardians are not going to give each and every character a room of their own. Instead, the characters are all made to sleep in the same room as everyone else on bunk beds. The Seven aren't that cruel though. The bedsheets are made of soft cotton and the pillows filled with down feathers. Want more pillows? There's a chest inside the bedroom that provides unlimited amount of pillows. Cold? There's a closet along the walls filled with warm blankets.

The bedroom, while hardly noticeable, is ever expanding as the number of residents increase. Next time you visit it, there might be a new bunk bed added to accommodate newcomers.

Leading out of the bedroom are four hallways to the other sections of the living quarters: North, South, East and West.

Located to the west of the bedroom.

To annoy your characters even more, the Seven decided that the bathrooms would be like the bedroom: communal. Not to worry though, the bathroom for guys is different from that of the girls. Each has several shower stalls as well as a bath large enough for 20 people. There's also hot and cold water and infinite supplies of soaps, shampoos and everything else you need.

Your dirty clothes, you ask? Well you'll find them clean and laundered at the foot of your beds the next morning.

Common Room
Located to the south of the bedroom.

Think of the common room as several smaller rooms combined into one big room. There are several couches, pillows, armchairs, tables and such. There's also one big fireplace at the farthest wall and everything feels like a cozy hall where everyone can relax. The only thing missing is a television. Nope, nothing of the like there. However, there are several things which the residents can find amusement in.

For one thing, the Tower's library is located there on one corner of the common room. The walls are covered by book-filled shelves which rise infinitely upward, its end difficult to see. Want to go up? There's no elevators here so you'll just have to go up that staircase.

Another thing are the different board and card games that the residents can pass time with.

Kitchen and the dining
Located to the east of the bedroom.

The kitchen differs from the other rooms in a sense that it doesn't share the same interior look of the others. Everything here is streamlined and provided with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. The cupboards are also never empty of food and the residents are free to cook and eat whenever they want to.

Great Hall
Located to the north of the bedroom.

Its walls made of white stone and its floor of black- and cream-colored marble, the Great Hall is simply a large circular room, empty and seemingly bleak. Save for a large ornate staircase leading to the event halls above.




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