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The Guide serves as information that you will find in the library section of the Tower. This will be updated as the game progresses. If there are any information you want us to add in, please feel free to put it in the Suggestion Post.

The Tower

The Tower is your current location. It is a structure created by the Seven in order to fulfill the dreams of their civilization before they perished. Due to this, the Tower was able to gain life and thus longed to fulfill its purpose by bringing in people whose wishes it could grant. While it may be able to grant wishes, it's not an organic matter and thus cannot feel pain if you try to hurt it. However, strangely enough, it can regenerate its walls like new if you ever try to break it. The Tower also provides rooms and food for free to the residents, making sure that they are always taken care of.

The Seven

These are the guardians of the Tower, and the one who are making sure that the people who reach the top level are worthy of the prize. Each one of them has a specific strength and weakness, and thus their challenges vary from guardian to guardian. They take the form of a creature of their choice, but they were once humans themselves in their past life. Not all of them are agreeable though, and they could make things difficult for people whenever they feel like it. However, none of them would give an unsolvable challenge, though they may pretend that they do.

Toto - The head of all the guardians. He's the one in charge of the monsters of the Tower, and the one who wouldn't hesitate to give you a hard time when he's bored. He's a laidback cat with a smart-ass attitude, but he does have his moments of compassion. He doesn't seem to have a temper though, but you'll have to be careful when he's feeling extra evil for that day.

??? - More details about this character as the game progresses.

??? - More details about this character as the game progresses.

??? - More details about this character as the game progresses.

??? - More details about this character as the game progresses.

??? - More details about this character as the game progresses.

Sorting Hat - Ever wondered who is in charge of the penalties? Meet the Sorting Hat! He is a witty fellow who enjoys his riddles, and apparently, the tricks he plays on the prisoners themselves. He's the one who decides the gravity of your penalty, and whether or not he should give you a break. Better hope he's not in a playful mood, or else you might wake up one day with an elephant's nose and a giraffe neck, or something to that respect.

The Shadows

Anti-Seven. These were the souls of those who perished in vain, and the ones who hold a grudge against the Seven. No one knows when they would appear, and they would take the form of a Seven and tempt you with false promises of freedom. Anyone who encounters them magically vanishes from the Tower, and the next time they return, they have no recollection of having ever been there. No one knows what happened to them, nor do they recall ever running into these false prophets. While the Seven would want them to stop playing games, they have never been able to catch all of them.

The Symbols

These are the tattoos on the skins of the new residents. They might seem to make no sense, but in reality they indicate the level that a person could access at any given time. The symbols change each time they advance or fall back on a level, and it looks them there during an event so they do not compromise other ongoing events as well.




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