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thetowermascots's Journal

The Tower Mascots
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A wish. It is a small and powerful thing. It varies from person to person, but every soul houses a hope, a dream, a vision of the future.

This the Tower knows.

The Tower was once in itself a wish. In the very beginning, there was no tower. There was a vast continent of people who thrived and loved their lives. However, as time passed their continent began to disappear. The tides came in but did not go out, swallowing up the land until all that was left was the highest point of the highest mountain. Seven of the people's strongest in body and sharpest of mind gathered at the summit, and gave one last bid to save their civilization.

With their blood, sweat, and tears, they forged the Tower floor by floor. They worked tirelessly, day in and day out, though each day the waters rose. Soon only the land they were building on was left, and not long after the seven of them were the only survivors left. Still, they worked on. The Tower was all they had left, the very last of their wishes. It was the very last of an entire civilization's hopes and dreams.

But the Seven were not infallible. They were mortal. They had limits. One by one, they began to fade and die. Fifteen floors were completed before they depleted their strength. All that remained was the Tower, the very last wish.

All alone in a world swallowed by the sea, it was not long before the Tower began to have wishes of its own. It was built to fulfill dreams, and never being able to serve its purpose caused its longing to grow. Until the day came that it could bear it no longer, until something had to be done.

The memories of the stone and mortar of the tower called forth shadows, echoes of its creators, the Seven. And on the very last floor, where the very last dream died, the Tower decided it would grant the wish of any who reached it.

But for the shadows of the Seven who never saw their dreams reach fruition, they will not make this journey easy. As they were tried, they intend to try those who attempt to pass through their tower. Only the most deserving will be granted their wish and sent home.

Everyone else will stay, forever in their company, to replace a civilization they could not save.

Welcome to the Tower. We've been waiting for you.

The Tower is a Multi-Fandom Roleplay Community set in an alternate reality where people are gathered in order to participate in a large game with rules that always change. It's a test of skill, brains and luck, and you'll never know what to expect on each level. The Seven aren't going to make it easy on you, but maybe if you're lucky, you'd get stuck with a nice one for a change. The prize? A wish, no matter how impossible, of your choice.




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